Some things just get better with time. Relationships and experiences that leave a lasting impact on you with an enduring legacy of hope for the future. With over 40 years of client success stories across commercial and generational accounting, wealth and lending services, Crest has accumulated a professional pool of experience, innovation and reliability to establish a rich heritage of success.

Since 1973

Business commenced as Levingston Turnbull


Peter Chesterton acquires Levingston Turnbull

Levingston Turnbull is rebranded to Crest Accountants

Crest Accountants merges with Jim Baker, Brett Shepheard and Derepas Accountants in Tweed Heads


Crest Accountants merges with MGA Accountants in Paradise Point

Rebrand to Crest Advisors with the establishment of Crest Wealth (financial advisory) and Crest Lending (mortgage broking).

Crest Wealth acquires Iridium Financial Planning


Crest Accountants merges with Brent Smith & Associates in Burleigh Heads

PARTNERS for Generations.

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