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Our Brand Story - 30 Years In The Making

  • Wednesday, August 08, 2012

“When a company reinvents itself, it is important to remember where you have come from in order to maintain a brand image that can demand respect whilst honoring the history and ideals that were outlined at the time of the company’s conception.” Tobias Black - Creative Director at Pluvo.

The partners at Levingston Turnbull Accountants approached Pluvo with the idea of re-branding their long-established accounting firm. A major consideration for the new direction was to embrace the company’s heritage and strong family focus.

These were identified as key strengths for the company and would need to be incorporated into any branding moving forward. Pluvo also recognised that it was essential for any new brand identity to respect and honor the way in which the company conducts its business on a daily basis - always with a high level of trust and personal attention with every single one of its long established clients.

“Our company has always taken great pride in the relationships that we have with our clients, often spanning across generations, from grandfather to father to son or daughter etc. Our clients truly value the attention that we offer and reward us by staying loyal. As a result of this loyalty we always endeavor to go the extra mile on every single task we undertake on their behalf.”

Peter Chesterton - partner of Crest Accountants.

With these considerations in mind, the name Crest was agreed on. Pluvo established that the word itself relates to the business on many levels honoring the history and the foundations that were set-up in the beginning.

The crest as a symbol represents strength, solidarity and has been used throughout history as a family badge of honor and trust. It is also a symbol of protection that evokes confidence and a level of quality that you can count on.

Using the solidarity of the word crest, the symbol (family crest badge), backed by a suite of imagery that keeps the corporate image grounded and appropriately displays the companies more humble and caring side, the new brand identity for Crest Accountants was born.

We found the process of re-inventing ourselves refreshing and profoundly valuable.

We hope you all enjoy the results!

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