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Xero - Online Accounting Software

  • Wednesday, August 07, 2013

We understand that businesses need the ability to make quick decisions and to understand where the money is coming from and going, in real time.

Xero allows small businesses to access the latest accounting software at a reasonable price.

Having the ability to instantly run your business and access everything from inventory, payroll, invoicing and bank statements from work, home or on the go is invaluable.

Collaborating online with Crest and your bookkeeper, all invited users have access to the latest version of your financial data enabling them to keep your data up-to-date and provide easy access of your files, avoiding the hassle of sending them to us.

No need to worry if your computer crashes as your data is stored on Xero’s secure and safe network.

Crest Accountants recommends Xero as we have tried and tested their cloud accounting software and believe it is one of the best products on the market at the moment.

We are here to help, so if you have any questions or like further information on implementing Xero please contact us.

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